What’s a Language Garage?

The name

We chose our name because it sounds like garage band, and we desperately hope that this doesn’t make you think of teenagers wailing in a garage. We were going for: really good and honest music, from the heart, no fancy venue, no expensive light show or smoke machine, no overpriced tickets or bad-but-expensive stadium hotdogs. That’s the Language Garage.

Who we are

My name is Chris Warnasch, and I started the Language Garage after years of working for publishing houses and corporate language trainers. I designed language courses, taught, trained teachers, and came up with cool new ways to learn languages. I was lucky enough to work with lots of other language professionals – teachers, writers, editors, linguists – and I’m even luckier that a lot of them are working with me at the Language Garage.

What’s special about us

There are a lot of ways to learn languages out there. Some are super expensive and impersonal, including a few of the places that we left behind. Some are free, like those addictive apps that everyone, including us, like to use. The Language Garage is in the Goldlilocks Zone. We offer all of the experience and expertise of the super expensive options. We’re not free, but we’re a heck of a lot more affordable than other live instruction options. And unlike those free apps, we have real human teachers, highly trained and passionate about teaching languages. We use original content that we developed based on years of our own experience as teachers, learners, editors, and publishers.

What we offer

We offer live online language instruction with a native speaker trained to use our original content. We have private, semi-private, and small group programs. Each level includes four hours of live instruction, a student practice/review book, and an hour of audio workouts:

  • Private/1 student: $180 per level ($45/hour)
  • Semi-Private/2 students: $120 per person per level ($30/hour)
  • Small Group/3-4 students: $88 per person per level ($22/hour)
Why you should try us

You’ll learn for real, you’ll have fun, and you won’t be paying for anyone’s beach house. Email us at info@thelanguagegarage.com or call +1 (646) 389-4199 for more information, to schedule a trial, or to enroll.


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