The Language Garage Program

In a post a few months ago I wrote about different language learning methods: what works, what doesn’t, and what’s just marketing fluff. I’ve since gotten the very reasonable question, “well, so what’s your method and what makes it special?” The answer is:

  • We’re not just a method; we’re a learning system designed for busy adults.
  • Our native speaking instructors, our content, and and the unique blend of live online instruction with a simple offline review and practice program make us special.
  • We spell it all out for you in small, manageable chunks that you can fit into your schedule.

My team and I have been doing this for a long time, as instructors, instructor-trainers, and students of dozens of languages. Based on all of that experience, we’ve come up with a simple program for you to follow, like a diet or a workout routine, but for language learning.

Good practices from different sources

The Language Garage uses the stuff that has worked for us or for our students over the collective century-plus of experience we have:

  • Repetition, meaningful practice, clear explanations, and loads of support
  • Small, easily manageable “sandboxes,” or chunks of language that you can play with and master gradually.
  • Meaningful interaction with another human being – a talented and trained native speaking language instructor – is the centerpiece of the learning experience.
A program you can stick to

The biggest obstacle for most learners is finding the time to learn, and then making the best and most consistent use of that time. So everything we offer you is short and modular. It’s small bite sizes at a time, and you’re never left wondering what you should do next. We spell it all out for you, and are always there to give you support if you need to stay on track.

Content is key

It’s one thing to have a great instructor and a great live lesson. Now what are you going to do with the other 167 hours in the week? Assuming you’ll want to do things like sleep and eat and work and spend time with your family, you should also be able to use your time between lessons as effectively as possible when it comes to your goal of learning a new language. That’s where our content comes in.

We give you an original student book and student audio that perfectly complement what you learn with your instructor. You learn and practice first with your instructor. Then you practice, review, and reinforce with your student book and audio, on your own time, at your own pace. We spell out each step clearly and offer you small steps to complete every day between lessons.

If you’re ready to enroll, choose your language and level here. Or take a trial lesson so you can see what the Language Garage is like for yourself.

Image credit RAMillu on Pixabay.

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