¿Te gusta…? Saying What You Like in Spanish

Me gusta el/la…

To say what you like in Spanish, use me gusta el/la or me gustan los/las…  The thing you like is the subject, and you are me (to me).

  • Me gusta el helado.
    I like ice cream.
  • Me gusta la pizza.
    I like pizza.
  • Me gustan los churros.
    I like churros.
  • Me gustan las películas.
    I like films/movies.
¿Te gusta el/la…?

To ask someone else whether they like something, use te (for someone who’s a ) or le (for someone who’s an usted). The answer will be sí, me gusta(n)… or no, no me gusta(n)…

  • ¿Te gusta la sopa, Fernando?
    Do you like soup, Fernando?
  • Sí, me gusta la sopa.
    Yes, I like soup.
  • ¿Le gusta la sopa, Señor Cruz?
    Do you like soup, Mr. Cruz?
  • No, no me gusta la sopa
    No, I don’t like soup.
Gusta or gustan?

Just remember that, grammatically, the thing you like (or not) is the subject, not you. The best way to think about it is that awkward English translation: soup is pleasing to me. Sounds awful in English, but it helps make an important point.

If you’re talking about video games (videojuegos), what would you say? Is pleasing, or are pleasing? Are pleasing, since video games is plural. In Spanish, that means that you use gustan instead of gusta. Gustan is the plural form of the verb, [they] are pleasing.

  • ¿Te gustan los videojuegos?
    Do you like video games?
  • Sí, me gustan los videojuegos.
    Yes, I like video games.
  • ¿Te gustan los gatos o los perros?
    Do you like cats or dogs?
  • Me gustan los perros, por supuesto.
    I like dogs, of course.
I really like…

If you really like something, just add mucho (a lot) after gusta(n). Or use encanta(n) instead of gusta(n).

  • Me gusta mucho la comida mexicana.
    I really like Mexican food.
  • Me encantan las películas de Gael García Bernal.
    I love/really like Gael García Bernal’s films.
  • Me encanta esta canción.
    I love/really like this song.

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Image: Conger Design on Pixabay.

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