How Accent Marks are Used in Spanish

Beginner learners of Spanish often have a hard time sorting out how accent marks are used in Spanish. Some vowels have accents over them, and some don’t. It may seem…

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Spanish Letters: Call Them by Their (New) Names

¿Cómo se escribe? How do you spell…? Nine years ago, the Real Academia de la Lengua Española published its latest and updated manual of Ortografía, the official conventional spelling system…

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Would you like some tea? Sí or si, tú or tu?

Perplexity, that’s the word that better describes my astonishment when, innocently and naively, decided to learn some Chinese and heard that different pitches of a single sound vary the meaning…

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Do you drink your coffee solo or sólo?

Sólo or solo? Traditionally Spanish distinguished the adverb sólo (only/just) from the adjective solo (alone) by using the accent for the adverb. So, if you wanted to say: –At breakfast…

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