How Accent Marks are Used in Spanish

Beginner learners of Spanish often have a hard time sorting out how accent marks are used in Spanish. Some vowels have accents over them, and some don’t. It may seem…

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Get the Most out of Your Language Garage Audio Workouts

Language Garage courses include short and sweet audio workouts. These are an essential complement to the live online sessions that you have with your native speaking instructor, and the review…

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The Gender of Water: El Agua y Las Aguas

  Every Spanish learner has been told over and over to always pay attention to the gender of nouns. Normally Spanish courses make things easier and list the definite article…

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Beware of the Silent H! Echo and Hecho

    They say that in Spanish you have to pronounce all the letters. Yes, that’s certainly true, except for the ‘h’, which –we all know– is silent. Well, it…

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It’s Not Brooshetta

The Italian small dish featuring toasted bread, diced tomatoes, basil, onions, olive oil is many things. It is delicious. It is healthy if not entirely low-carb. It is pretty easy…

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6 Tips for Learning a New Language

There’s work involved in learning a new language, but a lot of it can be unnecessary. If you have unrealistic expectations about your language, or yourself, you’re going to waste…

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