Small Groups at the Language Garage

Small group lessons at the Language Garage are the perfect option if you’re on a budget and are looking for a fun and convenient way to learn at home. Learn French, Spanish, Italian or Japanese now. Mandarin, and German are coming soon!

They’re an amazing deal

Group lessons only cost $88 per level, or $22 per hour, materials included. That’s one month of live instruction, meeting once a week online, plus a fantastic student book and audio for practice on your own, at no extra cost at all. We give you a simple program to follow and make it easy to fit a new language into your schedule.

You don’t have to learn alone

Learning with other people is fun. We keep our small groups really small – no more than four students at the maximum, and often only three. So you get individual attention without paying for private lessons. (Not sure if small groups are private tutoring are right for you? Check out this post.)

Your teacher comes to you, at your home or in your office

We bring the live instruction to you. You meet with your instructor and other students online, so whether you don’t live close to a language school or you just would rather stay in, you get to learn in your favorite seat, from home. All you need is a computer or laptop and the internet.

They’re a simple way to learn

We make it easy to learn a new language. We teach you slowly and gradually, in small, bite-sized pieces that you can practice first with your instructor during your live lesson, and then again and again on your own, whenever it’s convenient. We give you a book and audio that reviews everything with detailed explanations and plenty of practice. We also give you audio workouts that you can use every day, just for a few minutes, to keep tuning your ear and practicing your pronunciation. It’s a simple program that can fit into anyone’s schedule. We spell it all out for you, offering a simple program that only takes fifteen to thirty minutes a day, whenever you can find the time.

Our students love us

Here’s what some of our students have to say about us. But don’t take our word or theirs for it. Take a free trial, no obligation, no credit card, no hassle, and you can see for yourself how our unique program works.

I highly recommend learning a language with The Language Garage. It’s a lot of fun to interact with a teacher and a small group of people (rather than with the computer only). The lessons are manageable for the busy adult and the one-hour lesson is easy to fit in one evening a week.
–Eve Y, Saint Augustine Beach, FL

The Language Garage did an excellent job setting me up for success in the French language. Through concise course material and one-on-one learning opportunities to extrapolate on the information and pronunciation, my language skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I look forward to working with The Language Garage and Sev ,my teacher, to further my understanding of French in the future. A+, Sev!
–Conor S, Alberta, Canada

I am now well into the second set of lessons for Spanish, and I can honestly say I’m surprised at how quickly I feel I’ve been able to learn. The rate of vocabulary introduction feels just right, and the teacher is really focused on ensuring proper grammar. Looking forward to continuing my language journey with The Language Garage and my teacher.
–David T, Redwood City, CA

I highly recommend The Language Garage for its holistic approach towards language learning. The courses are affordable and student-centered, and the group lessons only include 3-4 students with a live native speaker. An ebook and audio are included with each course so that I can continue learning offline.
–Beth W, Washington DC

Don’t want to deal with gimmicky apps or fussy textbooks? But can’t commit the time to go to an actual class? If you’re anything like me, then The Language Garage is the perfect solution. The weekly hour-long lessons with my native Italian instructor means an expert’s guiding and customizing my learning, while the student book and audio files break up daily exercises into fun, bite-sized chunks. I haven’t found this human + online approach anywhere else, and thanks to Language Garage, I feel confident that with enough practice, I can hold my own in Italy, whether it’s chatting with Milanese fashionistas, or ordering truffled tagliatelle in Assisi!
–A. Raman, New York, NY

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