Schedule a Free Spanish Trial Lesson

The Language Garage offers one-of-a-kind live online instruction.

You meet once a week with your instructor for a face to face online lesson, and then you use our original student eBook and daily audio work outs to review and practice what you’ve learned at your own pace, on your own schedule. Our program is gradual, fun, simple, and effective, and you can try a lesson for free to see for yourself.

With a Free Trial Lesson You Get
  • An online lesson with one of our kind and patient instructors
  • An explanation of how our program works, and how you can fit it into your schedule
  • One full lesson in our original student eBook.
  • Three interactive audio work-outs to practice Spanish on the go
Signing Up is Simple

Just sign up here. There’s no risk or obligation, and you don’t need to give a credit card or anything. We’ll give you access to your student book and audio, then schedule your trial lesson.

Enroll Only if You’re Happy

If you enjoy your trial, you can choose private on-one-one lessons, semi-private lessons with a partner, or a small group with no more than four other students maximum. Each level is one month long. Private lessons cost $295 per level, semi-private cost $155, and small groups cost $95 per level. There’s no extra cost for our original student book and audio content.


Learn more about our programs here, email us at, or call (646) 389-4199 to speak to someone about our unique language learning program.

Image Credit: Pixabay


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