How the Language Garage Works

Here’s how the Language Garage works. When you sign up to learn a language with us, either private one-on-one, semi-private, or small group programs, you’re going to have both live instruction with a real human being, and great, original content in a student book and student audio for review and practice in between those live instruction sessions. It’s just three simple steps each week:

Log on for your live lesson

Whether you’re at home or in your office or on a beach somewhere, all you need is an internet connection and a headset. The instructor will share slides with you, and you’ll learn vocabulary and grammar in small, bite-sized pieces that we call sandboxes. You’ll be doing a lot of repeating, answering questions, asking questions, and using your new language to perform practical tasks, like introducing yourself, ordering a coffee, asking directions, going shopping, etc.

Use your student book

Everything that you learned in your live lesson is repeated in your student book, arranged in the same small bite-sized sandboxes. You’ll practice all of the vocabulary, you’ll get additional explanations of key grammar points, you’ll read notes and tips and recycle material from previous lessons so that everything has a chance to sink in. Best of all, since the lessons are divided into those short, easy-to-manage pieces, you can spend just a few minutes at a time and still make great progress. We even recommend a simple program to follow, with easy things to do every day in between your live lessons. Here’s an example of giorno (day) 2 of one of our Italian lessons.

And here’s an example of a grammar note from French.

And here’s a practice exercise.

Listen to your audio

Each sandbox of each lesson comes with an audio workout, about ten minutes of review including everything that you learned in that sandbox.  You’ll hear native speakers repeat all of the vocabulary, you’ll practice the grammar, and you’ll repeat, answer questions, take part in conversations, and keep up as much contact with your new language as you can. If you’ve got ten minutes a day to listen to the audio while you commute or run or do the dishes, that’s great. You can read along in your student book as your listen, and then as you become more familiar, listen again without reading. Here’s an example from Italian.

Learning a language takes time and effort, but we’ve come up with a system that blends the benefits of live instruction – interacting with a real human being instead of an app, practicing speaking and listening – with self study – reviewing at your own pace, practicing and letting things sink in when you’re not paying an instructor. You can fit all of this into your schedule if you’ve got an hour a week for the lesson, and maybe twenty or thirty minutes a day to practice and review. Just follow the easy steps in your student book, and we’ll help you find the routine that gets you where you want to go as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our students love us

Here’s what some of our students have to say about us. You can read more testimonials here. But don’t take our word or theirs for it. You can enroll in a free trial, get a sample of the student book and audio, and join a sample live lesson, all for free, no obligation.

I highly recommend learning a language with The Language Garage. It’s a lot of fun to interact with a teacher and a small group of people (rather than with the computer only). The lessons are manageable for the busy adult and the one-hour lesson is easy to fit in one evening a week.
–Eve S.

Efficient and affordable. I wish everyone knew about The Language Garage.
–Harrison O.

I am now well into the second set of lessons for Spanish, and I can honestly say I’m surprised at how quickly I feel I’ve been able to learn. The rate of vocabulary introduction feels just right, and the teacher is really focused on ensuring proper grammar. Looking forward to continuing my language journey with The Language Garage and my teacher.
–David T.

I highly recommend The Language Garage for its holistic approach towards language learning. The courses are affordable and student-centered, and the group lessons only include 3-4 students with a live native speaker. An ebook and audio are included with each course so that I can continue learning offline.
–Beth W.


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