Get the Most out of Your Language Garage Audio Workouts

Language Garage courses include short and sweet audio workouts. These are an essential complement to the live online sessions that you have with your native speaking instructor, and the review…

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Would you like some tea? Sí or si, tú or tu?

Perplexity, that’s the word that better describes my astonishment when, innocently and naively, decided to learn some Chinese and heard that different pitches of a single sound vary the meaning…

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How Not to Freak Out about Grammar

There’s something about grammar that makes a lot of language learners cringe, or panic, or give up all together. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a…

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Add Some Color to Your Language with Twitter

Along with @Language_Garage, we’ve added Twitter feeds for the language you’re learning at The Language Garage. We’ve got French @FrenchGarage, Spanish @GarageSpanish, Japanese @GarageJapanese, Italian @GarageItalian, English @EnglishGarage, Chinese @GarageLanguage,…

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5 Ways Live Language Instruction Gets You Speaking

The internet is full of ways to learn a language that are not live instruction with another human being. There are videos, apps, games, podcasts, and more, a lot of…

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6 Tips for Learning a New Language

There’s work involved in learning a new language, but a lot of it can be unnecessary. If you have unrealistic expectations about your language, or yourself, you’re going to waste…

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6 Easy Ways to Memorize Vocabulary

We’ve already talked about how you learn vocabulary during your lesson, with your instructor. If you haven’t read that post, check it out here. Now let’s look at the six…

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Making Vocabulary Stick During Your Lesson

A big part of language learning is the simple act of memorizing words – lots and lots of words. Since Language Garage uses blended learning – part live instruction, part…

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Active Reading: A Way to Improve Your Language Skills

As soon as you’re able to understand sentences, you can substantially increase your learning experience by being actively engaged in the reading process. That just means using a pen, colors…

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How a Little Writing Can Boost Your Language Learning

Many of us teachers strongly recommend that our students write. Why? Because writing will help you ‘visualize’ your thoughts. And your learning will accelerate drastically. Writing gives structure to the…

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