Ti piace…? How to Say What You Like in Italian

In this post we’ll look at how to say what you like in Italian. You use a construction that’s a bit different than in English. Mi piace il/la… To say…

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Talking About Fall in Italian

Fall is here, so let’s look at some vocabulary that will come in handy for talking about fall in Italian, l’autunno in italiano. Colori (Colors) One of the first things…

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Italian indefinite articles: un, una, un’ and uno

Italian indefinite articles (a, an) come in the forms un, una, un’, and uno. These forms change depending on the gender of the noun – whether it’s masculine or feminine…

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Italian for Halloween!

Halloween is coming, so to help get you in the mood for fantasmi (ghosts) and streghe (witches), let’s look at some Italian vocabulary for Halloween. Things that go bump in…

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Un Caffè, Per Favore. Ordering Coffee in Italy

Italians take their coffee very seriously. So it’s not surprising that in Italy the time for a un caffè (a coffee) is always sacred, and that there’s a lot of…

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Caro messaggio…

WhatsApp has not only changed the way people communicate, it’s also become part of the Italian language and often replaces the words messaggio (message), messaggino (short message) and SMS. First…

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Add Some Color to Your Language with Twitter

Along with @Language_Garage, we’ve added Twitter feeds for the language you’re learning at The Language Garage. We’ve got French @FrenchGarage, Spanish @GarageSpanish, Japanese @GarageJapanese, Italian @GarageItalian, English @EnglishGarage, Chinese @GarageLanguage,…

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It’s Not Brooshetta

The Italian small dish featuring toasted bread, diced tomatoes, basil, onions, olive oil is many things. It is delicious. It is healthy if not entirely low-carb. It is pretty easy…

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