Pico de Gallo Recipe

Pico de gallo is a delicious and simple condiment that you’ve no doubt enjoyed in a Mexican restaurant. It’s that wonderful blend of tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, and lime juice…

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Celebrate La Toussaint with les Niflettes

La Toussaint is an important French holiday when you can observe religious practices, spend time with family, or simply take advantage of a few days off. You can enjoy La…

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Halloween and El Día de los Muertos in Spanish

To help get you in the mood for fantasmas (ghosts) and brujas (witches), let’s look at some Spanish vocabulary for Halloween and El Día de los Muertos. El Día de…

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French Vocabulary for Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner, and in France, it’s been a trend for the past few years, especially in big cities. So to help get you in the mood for des…

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Un Caffè, Per Favore. Ordering Coffee in Italy

Italians take their coffee very seriously. So it’s not surprising that in Italy the time for a un caffè (a coffee) is always sacred, and that there’s a lot of…

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Know Your French Cheeses – Part I

Les fromages (cheeses) are part of the holy trinity of French food: wine, bread, and cheese. French cheeses are the incontournables (must-know/see; lit. uncircumventable) of French gastronomy. There’s a whole…

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Spanish Letters: Call Them by Their (New) Names

¿Cómo se escribe? How do you spell…? Nine years ago, the Real Academia de la Lengua Española published its latest and updated manual of Ortografía, the official conventional spelling system…

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Do you drink your coffee solo or sólo?

Sólo or solo? Traditionally Spanish distinguished the adverb sólo (only/just) from the adjective solo (alone) by using the accent for the adverb. So, if you wanted to say: –At breakfast…

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Add Some Color to Your Language with Twitter

Along with @Language_Garage, we’ve added Twitter feeds for the language you’re learning at The Language Garage. We’ve got French @FrenchGarage, Spanish @GarageSpanish, Japanese @GarageJapanese, Italian @GarageItalian, English @EnglishGarage, Chinese @GarageLanguage,…

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