Add Some Color to Your Language with Twitter

Along with @Language_Garage, we’ve added Twitter feeds for the language you’re learning at The Language Garage. We’ve got French @FrenchGarage, Spanish @GarageSpanish, Japanese @GarageJapanese, Italian @GarageItalian, English @EnglishGarage, Chinese @GarageLanguage, and German @garage_german.

But Can You learn a Language on Twitter?

No, not really. Imagine trying to read a novel on Twitter. Now imagine that in order to actually get anything out of that novel you need to speak to it, and it needs to speak to you. But you’re just reading tweets. Hashtag-ineffective.

So, Why Bother?

Because Twitter is the PERFECT vehicle for all of those extra little nuggets that make a new language come alive. When you learn a new language you’re opening the door to an entire new culture. That means music, film, food, history, architecture, travel, literature, people, places, and ideas. Our team can share all of that with you.

Add Twitter to your Language Garage Program

You’ll see recipes, visit interesting places, learn about famous people, hear music, and enjoy beautiful art or architecture. You’ll also learn some extra vocabulary and get expert tips from your instructors. All in just a few minutes a day and under 280 characters a time.

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